Friday, October 21, 2011

q.o.b. and friends

q.ob. or the queen of boredom originated from com tech class in high school, a friend wanted a girly version of my infamous character the king of boredom (k.o.b.) over the years the k.o.b. and q.o.b. have evolved and changed slightly. the hooded creatures with the horns have become very popular in my doodles, they stem from my recent obsession with catholic images primarily nuns, popes, crosses, and cathedrals. i simply added some horns to the nuns and condensed their faces and they resemble more of a satanic image now. i also tossed in some of my favorite images to doodle as filler to go along with the various characters on the page...exclamation point, question mark, @ sign, crowns, broken t.v, syringe

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